A Day at the Belmont


A Triple Crown victory. A moment of history. What many like to call, “the fastest 2 minutes in sports.”

It was a beautiful Saturday in New York, New York. An undeniable heat that only a large, flowered hat, edged with perfectly cut ribbon could fix. The clouds were set in a necessary overcast, shielding 90,000 faces.

This weather made the crowd just a little more at ease, when it came to placing their hard earned money in the hands of a stranger. “$90 on horse 7 across the board.” And just like that, the fate of our wallets are on center stage, with 4 legs, 4 hooves, and racing at 38 miles per hour.

The Belmont Stakes 2018 with a Triple Crown victory on the line for Justify and his Jockey, Mike Smith, was a sold out event. Not a single spot open to hold one extra curious head.



As the races went on and the drinks added up, the people of New York could no longer hold their excitement. The waves of energy were undeniable by 3 p.m. The strangers to your left and to your right, quickly became your lifelong friends, the bookies on the other line were now your business partners, and the Belmont track was the only place you wanted to be.

And just when the chaos became too much, I made my way down to the paddock, where I watched Justify get tacked up, Mike Smith say his final prayers, and the two of them make their way out to the sold out, and over-served crowd.

Following closely behind, I headed straight up the packed elevators to the fourth level. Pushing through the eager crowds of people, peering over the elaborate hats, I tried to find my section in a hurry. With not even a minute to spare, there with my Dad, and sister; I stood on the top stairs of the clubhouse, listening closely to hear the starting bell ring.

Hands flew up, voices reached new volumes, and in the blink of an eye….Justify had done it. Right in front of New York’s finest… he took home the triple crown, bringing in millions of dollars in just 2 minutes and 28 seconds…

& I was lucky enough to witness it all.

Belmont OOTD.JPG


the blonde on bricks

My “small” Coffee Obsession


Often, I find that there are two types of people…

those who drink coffee & those who don't.

I envy those who can get through the day without a cup of coffee. I will never be that type of person… Latte in hand, ALWAYS. please and thank you!

When walking the city streets, I am constantly exploring the latest and greatest coffee shops. So I wanted to share with you my top 5 favorite coffee places in New York from this year.

Click on the Coffee shop to be redirected to their website 🙂

#1 – West~Bourne


#2 Blank Slate


#3 Aroma 


#4 Macchiato Espresso Bar


#5 Joe


Love you all a latte


the blonde on bricks

New York City Street Style


I have traveled to many cities, here and there, but there is no place like New York City. Living only a train ride outside of the city, has made me a lucky, in love with all things fashion, kind of girl.

My two best friends and I made our way to the city for our spring break to get new fashion ideas and to be inspired by other people’s street style. We are all similar in that we love new trends and makeup, so what better place to mess around with fashion than NYC? I wanted to share with all of you my OOTD from one of the days we spent in the city, because it was such a budget-friendly, comfortable all day (even on the subway) kind-of-outfit!

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

What I wore & where to find it:

My Joggers

Similar jean jacket

My sneakers

These pictures were taken by Tay who has a blog of her own!! She is a New York lover like me and although it’s highly controversial, we both agree that downtown is the new uptown, so that’s where you can find us 🙂


the blonde on bricks



To Start…

When people ask me how I got to Ohio, my response is simply, “still trying to figure that one out.” I always wanted to go to college in another state, but I never imagined being in Ohio. Long story short, however, wherever, whoever, got me to Ohio, THANK YOU!!!!!!

Rachel (aka Darling in Denim)

One of my best friends from school is from a suburb outside of Cleveland. (Her name is Rachel & I linked her blog above, so go check it out!!) Anyway, I’d never been to Cleveland before and the only places in Ohio that I’d spent time in, made me think that everywhere in Ohio was the middle of nowhere. Rachel was determined to change my opinion on this…. so to Cleveland we went!!C2FC6D91-64B9-48B1-8076-15B4620A4509.JPG


The first item on the Cleveland agenda was happy hour with Chick-fil-A, we don’t have one on campus and I’ve never tried the famous “Chick-fil-A sauce,” so uh I was in a food coma for 24 hours….The next day we took on Chagrin Falls to shop and explore the suburbs outside the city. My favorite store in Chagrin Falls was called Winds of Change, where we ran into an 80% off sale… still trying to recover from that pit stop 😉 Later that day we got facials from Spa Lavender. My face had been breaking out and needed a little attention, steam and heat therapy had my face smoother than ever in no time. I would recommend Spa Lavender and Winds of Change to anyone and everyone.IMG_1989.jpg

Dinner Downtown

On Saturday night we headed to downtown Cleveland for a nice dinner at Townhall. This restaurant had a 1 to 2 hour wait time cause it’s a favorite for many. We put our name down and walked across the street to Bar Cento for a cheese board… it had a very cool atmosphere and great service. However, Townhall exceeded all expectations and was some of the freshest food I have ever had. 5 stars without a doubt and I can’t wait to go back for brunch one day!!!


“Bangkok Bazaare”


“Smashed Avocado”


In the End

To sum it all up, Cleveland was an awesome city with great restaurants and an even better feel. I can now say that there is life in Ohio outside of the University. I will definitely be back…. now off to NYC.


the blonde on bricks

Happy You’re Here


I’ve always procrastinated on making a blog of my own, but here we are and I couldn’t be more excited. TheBlondeOnBricks is going to be a personal page where I can share all my favorite things, including; fashion, travel, food, lifestyle, fitness, & the people I love most in this world. Here we go and always remember, I’m happy you’re here xox