A Day at the Belmont


A Triple Crown victory. A moment of history. What many like to call, “the fastest 2 minutes in sports.”

It was a beautiful Saturday in New York, New York. An undeniable heat that only a large, flowered hat, edged with perfectly cut ribbon could fix. The clouds were set in a necessary overcast, shielding 90,000 faces.

This weather made the crowd just a little more at ease, when it came to placing their hard earned money in the hands of a stranger. “$90 on horse 7 across the board.” And just like that, the fate of our wallets are on center stage, with 4 legs, 4 hooves, and racing at 38 miles per hour.

The Belmont Stakes 2018 with a Triple Crown victory on the line for Justify and his Jockey, Mike Smith, was a sold out event. Not a single spot open to hold one extra curious head.



As the races went on and the drinks added up, the people of New York could no longer hold their excitement. The waves of energy were undeniable by 3 p.m. The strangers to your left and to your right, quickly became your lifelong friends, the bookies on the other line were now your business partners, and the Belmont track was the only place you wanted to be.

And just when the chaos became too much, I made my way down to the paddock, where I watched Justify get tacked up, Mike Smith say his final prayers, and the two of them make their way out to the sold out, and over-served crowd.

Following closely behind, I headed straight up the packed elevators to the fourth level. Pushing through the eager crowds of people, peering over the elaborate hats, I tried to find my section in a hurry. With not even a minute to spare, there with my Dad, and sister; I stood on the top stairs of the clubhouse, listening closely to hear the starting bell ring.

Hands flew up, voices reached new volumes, and in the blink of an eye….Justify had done it. Right in front of New York’s finest… he took home the triple crown, bringing in millions of dollars in just 2 minutes and 28 seconds…

& I was lucky enough to witness it all.

Belmont OOTD.JPG


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